Team Manager

Team Book
Each section should have its own tab divider and each piece of paper should be in a sheet protector.   Here is the order that the team book paperwork should be in:

  • Title page with team name, list of coaches, and team manager
  • Official Team Roster
  • Team Medical Contact List
  • Section 1: Coach Info
  • Section 2: Older/Light Players
  • Section 3: Regular Players
  • Section 4: Concussion
  • Section 5: MPR’s
  • Section 6: Absentee

Section 1 paperwork order:

  • The following should be in order by Coach
  • USA Football Coaching Certificate
  • First Aid CPR Card
  • Prepare Sports First Aid Certificate

Section 2 & 3 paperwork order: (each player should have own tab divider)

  • Player Card (use colored stock paper)
  • Absentee Form (if miss any games)
  • Participant Contract
  • Birth Certificate
  • Physical Fitness & Medical History Form
  • Report Card
  • Report Card Conversion Worksheet (if needed)
  • CCPWL Code of Conduct

Section 4 paperwork order:

  • Concussion Acknowledgement form
  • Heads Up Concussion – A Fact Sheet for Coaches
  • Heads Up Concussion – A Fact Sheet for Athletes
  • Heads Up Concussion – A Fact Sheet for Parents

Section 5 paperwork order:

  • MPR’s for each game
  • Blank MPR’s

Section 6 should be blank absentee forms

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